Why does peace have to start from ourselves?

Why does peace have to start from ourselves?

According to Prem Rawat, peace starts from each one of us. An individual who is not at peace with himself won't be able to live in harmony with the people in the world. Obviously, if you are neither violent nor aggressive towards the others, you will have a serene, joyful life. Eventually, peace will normally be established on earth and it will no longer be necessary to take peacekeeping initiatives.

We are masters of peace

To create a peaceful world, it is primordial that each individual be persuaded of the necessity and importance of living in harmony. Let us take an example: an individual who does not believe in witchcraft won't be able to cast a spell to their neighbors. To attain peace, you need to proceed in the same way.

Since we are responsible for creating a peaceful world for ourselves, then, it is logical to feel it before implementing it to our daily life. To lead a serene life, be in harmony with yourself. 

  • Our household cannot be in serenity if its members constantly quarrel with one other. 
  • Our society cannot be in harmony if each household in it fights endlessly. 
  • A city won't be able to develop normally if the community members are always in conflict.

We are peace advocates

How can we effectively establish harmonious life if we do not have peace within ourselves? Only a serene individual is able to carry out any challenging peacekeeping initiative. This kind of action requires a lot of personal commitment. In fact, you must be convinced that it is possible to live in harmony and that peace is attainable.

It is wrong to say that you have inner peace; and yet, you usually get involved in conflicts with your neighbors. That situation made Prem Rawat say that people, rather than the world, are in the search for peace. He has found the key to enter the peaceful world that the United Nations has always wanted to establish on earth.

Peace is first and foremost a personal initiative

If you want to take care of your household, you may start by doing the housework chores within your home. It is not logical that you clean the courtyard first, but inside your home, there is garbage everywhere. To attain peace, it is essential to follow the same instructions. Before dealing with the others, it is crucial that you are in harmony with yourself.

To reach this goal, you have to get rid of anything that disturbs your conscience and your heart. This will enable you to live in serenity and then, transmit your peaceful living to your surroundings. In this case, you act like a drop of oil which slowly spreads onto a larger surface.

Peace Is the key to each individual's happiness

Who on this earth is not in the quest for happiness? Each individual makes constant efforts in order to attain this blessing. Yet, whatever initiative we take to bring happiness into life, our joy is short-lived. Dancing at a nightclub, drinking alcohol, having sex are all ephemeral sources of happiness.

If you really want to live a long-lasting happiness, the first thing you have to do is to find inner peace. Being in harmony with yourself, you can easily cope with life constraints however hard they could be. Inner peace is the feeling of tranquility that each individual should actively be looking for.