Is it difficult to find happiness?

Finding happiness
Image Is it difficult to find happiness?

Happiness is a permanent feeling of satisfaction within yourself. It is often linked to our goals and the way we perceive our existence. If we take that definition into account, it is therefore necessary that we look for happiness in our lifetime. But is it easy or difficult to find contentment? And is it also primordial to look for it?

Happiness can be easily found if you know how to be happy

There are several quotes and proverbs which say that, in life, if there is no pain, there is no gain. Therefore, it is essential to provide ourselves with the means to fulfill our desires in order to be joyful in life. If you are happy, you develop self-confidence and a high self-esteem. Such a feeling could not have developed from the effort that you made; instead, it is a feeling which has arisen from the combination of our endurance and patience to the accomplishment of our goals.

As a result, you can immediately feel happy once you start your quest for contentment. In other words, once you think about finding happiness, you can instantly feel it deep inside your heart. In life, the main reason for happiness consists in feeling that we have a goal in life.

It might be difficult to find happiness if your desire is too strong

In your mind, you may be thinking a thought that you think will eventually bring happiness into your life. Thus, you have always been nurturing that thought all your life. You will never be satisfied unless your objectives are realized. Consequently, you will miss myriads of circumstances, which could also ensure happiness in your life. As a result, it is not possible to define what will bring happiness to our life ahead of time.

In fact, it is recommended that you should actively engage in the quest for inner peace--as Prem Rawat was talking about--which is the only long-lasting feeling of happiness within yourself. If you redefine how you will become joyful, it will surely be difficult for you to attain it.

Happiness comes to you, without you having to look for it

Instead of designing an action plan to find happiness, it is best to draw happiness towards yourself. If you do not work on it in the same way as you are working on a project, then, you will be able to find it easily. Furthermore, happiness does not only consist in the personal satisfaction of the individual. Instead, if you can just appreciate the basic things that life offers to you, then, you will definitely be the happiest person on earth: 

  • Being healthy, 
  • Being alive, 
  • Being able to walk, 
  • Breathing fresh air.

Those are essential things that some people could not enjoy in their lives. There could be many reasons why they are deprived of such basic needs. So,if you let happiness knock on your door, it will not be difficult for you to find it.

Avoid comparing your life to that of the others in order to enjoy long-lasting happiness

Nature can endow you with any talent that you would like to enjoy in our whole life. Therefore, under no circumstances should you envy the lifestyle and the skills of the others; otherwise, you will always feel displeased with your life. Learn to appreciate other people's happiness, it will eventually bring about unmeasurable inner peace for you.

That is what Prem Rawat teaches to his disciples. If you lust for your neighbor's way of life, you will naturally nurture jealousy. Yet, such a negative feeling may result in both inner and external conflicts.